Update !!

Hello people!!thatI waslongingto write here, sorryfor the delayagain.Wellthispost willbejust an updatesinceI wasso long D: Well,many things have happenedsince mylast post.I'm investedseriouslyin my future, I'mlearning FrenchandI'mdoing…
priscilaborges Apr 27, 2014

Christmas and new year!

How you spent the Christmas and new year? I hope it was great. Mine was quiet and fun. A few days before Christmas I finally…
priscilaborges Jan 06, 2014

Vegan and healthy

A healthy body is everything that everyone needs, but are virtually programmed to consume what we claim to be the "best for us", which in…
priscilaborges Nov 01, 2013

Juice Detox: Cucumber, lemon and ginger!

Hello people! Today decide to do a detox juice recipe, I think I never talked here on the blog about my wars with my body…
priscilaborges May 27, 2013
priscilaborges May 22, 2013

My art

Heeeeey,I'm back,and this timewitheverything!haha,well,in thispost I willtalk a little aboutone ofmypassions, photography!I'm notaPro, butI lovepassingsituations andfeelings fora photo,the bestwaypossible.Andso I havemyDeviantART,to publishmy photographs,I will showsome…

PriscilaOsbourne on deviantART

Hello Hello, good, think a lot of people don't know but I'm shooting, I'm still a beginner but love to shoot and know that I…
priscilaborges Feb 17, 2013

Round glasses :3

Heey people, another novelty, the one time I made a purchase of a round glasses, to be super high and I think it's simply beautiful…
priscilaborges Feb 17, 2013

Lana Del Rey- Video Game

I love this song and not sick of it, I hope you like it. xoxo
priscilaborges Jan 05, 2013


Hello people, I finally thought of something good to write, haha, depilation, aah, who doesn't need to shave? so, I and my sister bought a…
priscilaborges Jan 04, 2013
Ozzy Osbourne - Life Won't Waitvid

Ozzy Osbourne - Life Won't Wait

I am a great adimiradora of Ozzy, and this song, like many others, means a lot to me, so resolvir share with you, hope you…
priscilaborges Dec 05, 2012


She is very cute and beautiful, lately I've heard songs slower and nostalgic, I like, I hope you too.
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